printf("x"), but where is "x" shown ?

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printf("x"), but where is "x" shown ?

Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:28 pm

Hi, I'm new to SAM D20 and Atmel Studio and I have the following question:
I have downloaded the SAMD20 Example Project "8MHz Oscillator Calibration Application" to Atmel Studio 6.2.
There are a couple of printf() statements in that code. I have read the SAM D20's doc's on "Xplained Pro" and "EDBG User Guide", but can't really "see" where the printf() characteres are "piped" (sent)? Must I connect a physical COM port between my host PC and the Xplained Pro board (and launch a terminal emulator program on my PC), or does the printf()-contents appear in a separate Atmel Studio window (which I have not yet found)?

I'll appreaciate clarification to this matter.
Best Regards
Terje Bohler
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Re: printf("x"), but where is "x" shown ?

Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:21 am

Thanks awneil.

Is the answer YES, I do need a physical COM-port (and cable) to be connected from my host PC to the pins of the Xplained Pro? And then, launch a suitable terminal (emulator) program from my host-PC?

A drawing/sketch locating the COMPORT, Virtual COM port, USB, Target COM, EDBG, MCU, Host-PC, connectors... would possibly have solved the mystery.

Best Regards Terje Bohler

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