Using SAM-BA bootloader via Command line/DLL

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Using SAM-BA bootloader via Command line/DLL

Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:12 pm

Hi All,

Atmel have finally gotten around to adding the SAMD20 to the list of available MCUs which are compatible with the SAM-BA bootloader.

We have a C# PC application that communicates with the SAMD20 via a CP210X UART to USB adapter (reading/writing commands to control an RF chip).

I also want to embed the SAM-BA bootloader into the C# application (either via a command line/TCL script, OR by fully integrating the DLL into the C# application).

I am leaning towards the Command line/TCL approach because of time constraints.

Anyway, I have a few issues I want to ask about:

1) I am successfully initiating a command-line bootload, but there is no visible progress feedback on the command prompt. I was expecting a % or byte count to display, which I could then parse out and use to update a progress bar.

Is there was a way of gaining visibility of the bootload progress via the command line?

2) This may be related to #1, but I have a serious problem with the bootloader speed. It is VERY slow (taking 20 minutes or so to complete an update). When I look at the signal trace, I can see that the data is being sent in bursts with a 3 second delay between each burst. I read somewhere that this is because the SAM-BA is waiting for an ACK which is not being received. It then waits 3 seconds before sending the next burst of data anyway.

I have checked the RX pin and data is definitely being received. Has anyone come across this problem?
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Re: Using SAM-BA bootloader via Command line/DLL

Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:27 pm

Update - Turns out the 3 second bursts were indeed due to the SAM-BA application timing out due to the lack of an "ACK" from the firmware.

This was a bug from Atmel and has now been resolved.

Still interested to find out whether the Command-line mode gives a real-time % progress (for use in a 3rd party C# application which will wrap around the command line application).
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Re: Using SAM-BA bootloader via Command line/DLL

Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:01 am

Where do you get the source code for the SAM-BA bootloader?


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